Sample Products

When considering hiring a freelance developer, perhaps the first consideration should be viewing examples of their previous work. To date, the majority of my projects have been productivity tools centered around maps and cartography. But when the need arose I have also developed web sites and embedded systems.

One of the examples below, Nod, started out as a quick tool to solve a problem for myself. I needed to plot some real world locations on a map for another project. The area was under heavy development so satellite images and guessing wouldn't work. This proved a useful tool so I expanded on the idea and it is now for sale on the App Store.


Nod uses the GPS capability of an iOS device to make it simple to plot outdoor spaces and display this on a map or export to share with others.

It is for anybody who has a need to record a real life location on a map or compare locations on a map back to real life. This could be farmers, builders, scientists, archaeologists, systems developers or anybody with an interest in maps.


Mien is a simple app which uses the device screen as a viewfinder to take a bearing, just like a prismatic compass. The app then draws this bearing onto a map, so you can see what features you are looking at.

The app is useful when working out what a geographical or architectural feature is in the distance.

You can also import and visualise geographic data from GeoJSON files.


The byw.cymru project is a community driven action to help increase the visibility of the Welsh language.

Its core principle is to help language learners find places they can use and practice their skills. Its user interface is map based with places shown as points of interest with a user generated rating of likelyhood of being able to use the Welsh Language.

It has a secondary purpose as a searchable database of commonly used terms and phrases.



I can supply
Complete native iOS / macOS Applications
Server-side or embedded applications
Web solutions from single page applications to static sites
Source code for all services
I can offer
Consultancy for legacy code
Data mining and analysis
Web hosting and remote backup
Assistance on open source projects

why me?

In House
All software development happens in-house. Every product is designed and built according to customer specification and can be subject to a wide range of software licenses
A suite of products containing iOS, macOS, web and server-side components can be delivered as a single coherent package
Source Code
Once a project is complete the full source code including versioning history can be supplied meaning no vendor lock-in and piece of mind for the future of your projects

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